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Currently, a TCA chemical Peel is one of the most common types of skin peeling procedures that are conducted by cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists. There are a lot of benefits in using these types of peels. For one, AMC2 can help in getting rid, and treating wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne, acne scars, freckles, and sagging, while increasing production of elastin and collagen on your skin.

TCA, or Trichloroacetic Acid solution absorbs into the outer layers of the skin, causing a reaction which will last for a few days, and eventually results to the shedding of the skin, starting from the older outer layer, and revealing a new and fresher skin underneath.
The Strengths

There are different types of TCA face Peel and they are categorized according to strengths. The benefits also depend according to the peel type. For one, a light peel may contain 5% to 20% solution, which depends on the toughness of the outer skin layer. A very light peeling treatment may benefit your skin if it is done constantly, requiring very little amount of time for healing.

For medium peel, the content of the solution ranges from 25% to 50% TCA, depending on the skin type. This type of peeling is often used to provide treatment to conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. On the other hand, deeper peels are often used to treat scarring and deep wrinkles. They are only performed by cosmetic surgeons and dermatologist. A healing period is needed and it may be wise to expect some complications.

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The Benefits

One of the major benefits of a Aesthetic Master Care TCA chemical Peel is increased collagen production. The results may only be visible after one to three months after the initial treatment procedure. Some of the advantages may be noticed right away after the peeling finishes, and shedding of older layers can reveal brighter skin, with better pigmentation and smoother skin.

The enhanced production of elastin and collagen can help the skin to become firm. Most of the team, the root cause of the existence of the early signs of skin aging includes a decrease in the collagen production of the skin. When this is treated, then you are actually fighting against the early signs of skin aging, and thus, helping your skin to function naturally, producing a smoother skin with better pigmentation and reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

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