Chemical Peels Offer Amazing Skin Rejuvenation Benefits

If you are looking for a skin care product that will improve your skin appearance and texture, a chemical peel from Aesthetic Master Care is a great way to start rejuvenating your skin.

These peels from AMC2 have been proven to help reduce skin spots, signs of wrinkles, or uneven coloring on your skin. These peels can also help to treat superficial scars, fine lines, skin pigments and minimal laxity problems. They are formulated to address skin related problems based on the skin type and individual needs.

If you are a first time chemical peel user, Aesthetic Master Care website has very resourceful information to help you get started.

We  have the Frequently Asked Questions section where you can get answers to any of your questions that you may be having. You can also contact this company for any questions that you may have regarding choosing the best performing chemical peel for you.

Who Chemical Peels Are For:

Do you spend time trying to think of ways to hide your skin problems?

The preferred candidate for a chemical peel from Aesthetic Master Care is a person with uneven pigmentation, sun-damaged skin,  actinic keratoses, or overall looking to improve their skin complexion. These factors bring other secondly skin conditions. For instance, sun damage bring fine wrinkles, sun spots, skin thinning and act as a precursor skin cancers.

Overall our chemical peels will help repair and rejuvenate the damaged skin and help you look healthy and younger.

If you are suffering from skin problems they can do more than cause your face to be dry, oily or blemished. They can also affect your self-confidence.

Maybe you feel very self-aware and wish there was something you could do to get your skin to look great… well it’s not your fault and there is a superior solution, check them out below:

AMC2’s Premium Line of Chemical Peels Skin Care Products

Our TCA, salicylic acid, glycolic and Jessners peels each offer unique properties that are guaranteed to make your skin more vibrant and glowing!

Glycolic Peels

Our Glycolic peels can restore your skin to a youthful look by eliminating fine lines and allowing you to even out your skin tone.

They will even help with age spots. Please read our chemical peel instructions so you can prepare to use these products.

More Details Here

Glycolic-peel-AMC2-asthetic master care-product-online-directions

TCA Peels

TCA peels offer a quicker, deeper peel than our buffered peels.We include complete instructions. When you order you may select a variety of add-on options.

Note:The recovery time may be longer for this type of peel.

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Jessner Peels

Our Jessners Peels are medium depth peels that are extremely effective.

These are good acne peels.They are not recommended for very dry or pigmented skin.You will need 3-4 days to recover from these peels. We provide complete instructions for usage.

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Salicylic Peels

Our proven professional certified Salicylic peels to get rid of annoying acne once and for all.

Powerful formula to help clear out pores that cause acne.

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Pure Emu Oil

Amazing Pure Emu Oil to take advantage of the bodies key fatty acids (omega 3, etc) and have the most moisturized, revitalized, youthful healthy looking skin possible.

Contains essential oils that are needed for almost all elements of the body to function

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Vitamin C Serum

Finally, our Vitamin C Serum is the best in the industry  to protect your skin and give it that youthful healthy looking glow form the inside out.

Dermatologist around the world say this should be used daily and have many benefits.

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skin transformation amc squred chemical face peels

Make your skin transformation today.

Either choose your desired product or you can get advice about these products and other skin care solutions from a AMC2/PSC Specialist! Just call us at 1-800-917-3155. We’re ready to give you recommendations that will be great for your skin type.

Here’s a few other quick things below we’d like to let you know so you can make the right choice for you:

Chemical Peel Preparation

For best results, always prepare your skin two weeks prior to applying a chemical peel. Make sure to use Vitamin C Complex and EX- Serum 15 on a daily basis. These compounds will supply your body with SPF that protects your skin before and after a TCA peel.

Don’t rush when using this product. You require a minimum of 30 minutes to start seeing results.

Always use a quality moisturizer ointment after using your peel. They will help your skin to heal quickly after the peeling process. We personally recommend Emu oil mixed with Bacitracin, or another comparable product.

Also to make use our chemical peels much easier, we have an easy to follow Peel Preparation Kit that has everything you need to start rejuvenating your skin today.

Chemical Classification and Purpose

Chemical peels are classified into two: deep chemical peels and light chemical peels. They are designed to help improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

As we continue to expose our skin to the sun and continue to age, the outer layers of our skin continue to get damaged. Dead skin cells accumulate on the skin making it to look dull and unhealthy.

Chemical peel procedure can therefore used to peel away the damaged outer layer of our skin, improve its texture and appearance. They can also improve the unevenness of skin color rejuvenating and restoring the luminous nature of our skin. Aesthetic Master Care manufactures several types of chemical peels that has helped thousands of patients repair and rejuvenate their damaged skiN.

Aesthetic Master Care Chemical Peel Advantages

There are several advantages of using AMC2 chemical peels over a surgical procedure.

When performing a AMC2chemical peel procedure, no sedation or anesthesia is needed. Another benefit of using a chemical peel is they have minimal aftercare and recovery.

Certain types of chemical peels that we offer, such as deep chemical peels bring results that last long when treating deep skin cuts or wrinkles.

Why We Recomend You Should Use a Chemical Peel

There are several reasons as to why you should have a chemical peel. If your skin is damaged by the sun, have wrinkles, uneven blotchiness, brown spots, sun spots, acne, acne scars or certain precancerous skin growths, you a candidate for a chemical peel.

For best results, you should strictly follow a skin care regimen to prepare your skin surface before a chemical peel. Make sure to use Vitamin C Complex and EX- Serum 15 on a daily basis.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Aesthetic Master Care Chemical peels, visit here for answers.

You can also contact our skin care representatives who are ready to answer any of your questions you may have. Our number is 1-586-598-6093 or go here to contact us.

Here’s to your new skin,

The AMC2 & PSC Team

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