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The Story of Men, TCA Peels, And Creation

Just the other day I weas spending time with a few of my husband’s friends.

I asked them what they noticed the most when they looked at women. Besides the “obvious” answers, I was surprised at what they said what men love most about women is her face.

What exactly about her face?at home TCA peels reviews That she is Pretty?

“No, It’s More Than That, Too Many Women Pile On Too Much Makeup” They Said

“They are trying to cover pimples and wrinkles…It is such a turn off. It makes it look worse!. When their skin is clean and clear they look the most beautiful” the men explained.  (and I’ll show you how our TCA peels will help achieve this in a second).

So big insight was bad skin is a NO, specifically on the face

Now if you know me, I love to research. So I wanted to find out why guys are attracted to clear skin. I found this answer:

“Men find soft skin attractive by instinct because it means that a female is more likely to successfully produce children.”

Hmm interesting…

Whatever the reason is we know guys love clear,  soft skin and they go crazy about it.

Now let’s think about those ladies who are piling on cover-up … Even though w all say,

“Oh, it’s fine” or  “It doesn’t matter”.

Without clear and soft skin, our self esteem and confidence can suffer.

If you’re like me, you’re a person who takes action when you are NOT satisfied with the results you are getting,

That’s Why When Bad Skin Happened To Me, I First Went to a Dermatologist and He Told Me About TCA peels

I did some research online about what a  TCA chemical peel was and it seemed to be a great effective solution.

“I’m ready to test this TCA skin peel!” I said to myself.

The only thing was… the price to buy TCA peel from the dermatologist was extremely high. And that’s putting it lightly.

I thought to myself: “there has to be a cheaper way to buy a TCA skin peel, the cost is only high because doctors have overhead, employees, bills, legal responsibilities…” and on top of that I’d have to keep going to the dermatologist over and over.

That is really going to ADD UP in costs.

Maybe, just maybe, I could skip all that and do it myself…and save a lot of money and AVOID  the time consuming hassles such as:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Wasting gas driving there
  • Taking time off work
  • Waiting in the office

The list goes on… so I went back to researching online and found TCA peels for 1/10 of what the dermatologist was charging so I ordered them.

Don’t think that’s the end though, it was just beginning. I was shocked when I opened my package for the TCA peels, it was a cheap looking bottle with a HAND WRITTEN label!

No wonder it was so cheap. No way! Into the garbage it went!

I thought to myself “shouldn’t this be regulated somehow?

This is my face were talking about here… So back to the research once again

I soon found out that you have no idea what you are going to get when you just pick chemical TCA off the internet.

I learned that many smaller companies actually mix up TCA in their own homes and garages! bottom line:

When TCA Peels Are NOT Mixed By a Laboratory It Is Not Safe

I was not going to damage my skin by using some “home-made TCA peel”. I was going to start something new, better, and safer way to use TCA chemical peels to get the results I wanted.

Over the many years and hard work, I had an entire line of certified peels created for me by a top laboratory.

Just like an oyster, with an irritating piece of sand caught in it’s shell, it puts a coat around it turning it into a beautiful pearl…

I did the same thing!

I Transformed My Bad Skin Irritation Into A Repeatable Cost-Effective Solution That Really Made My Skin Look Beautiful, Radiant, Clean, And That Mean, And More Importantly Myself Loved

My irritation of years of bad skin was o.k. because it lead me to build an entire product line of certified skin care products that have helped myself and thousands of women have beautiful, radiant, soft skin.

Just look at what people are saying that use our CERTIFIED TCA peels:

More skin reviews from using TCA peels

95% of people report by using my amazing chemical peels from Aesthetic Master Care / Platinum Skincare [both same company] thier skin hasn’t been this clear in forever!

1/10 The Cost + Extremely Safe & Certified + Easy To Apply At Home =  Our certified TCA Chemical Peels That Create Beautiful, Radiant, Soft Skin.

Just what all those men are looking for right? And really, more important to your self to give you that confidence you deserve.

That’s the PSC way-  start your process of getting clear skin today.

Get your confidence back and build up your self esteem to new heights.

All you have to do is click the link below. All our our face peels come with simple instructions how to apply TCA peel. The after effects of your skin will be so amazing it may even be hard to believe.

Fill out your information, and you’ll be on the path to getting amazing, clear and soft skin today, You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Get your clear, radiant, beautiful skin now

Here’s to your new and beautiful skin, increased confidence, and personal transformation.

Again, just click the link below to buy online our 100% safe, low cost, at home proven TCA peels that are 1/10 the price of a dermatologist – get started today.

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After thought;To help demonstrate why our skin looks worse as we age, I couldn’t explain it better then a recent customer that wrote in their story….

TCAPeel Before And After Review From Mary

tca peel before and after

I consumed many vacations on the beaches of Southern California. Have some knowledge about the sun and how it can harm our skin I didn’t care because the sun just felt so good. It’s fun to romp around in a bathing suit.

Although it feels good and fun, the damage the sun produces in the skin is cumulative. It builds up over the years making our skin less clear and flexible.

Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear on my face, chest and other places on my body that are exposed to sunlight most often. I experienced a change of color in skin after years of exposure. Age spots also started to appear on my skin and trying to remove them is nearly impossible.

TCA peel was the most recommended solution from my friends.

Putting trust on my friends advice I try to locate the most reliable company who offers at home TCA Peel products. Heard about them through Aesthetic Master Care and contacted them and a AMC2/Platinum Skin Care location to inquire about their TCA Peel.

I basically got a free consultation with a AMC2/Platinum Skin Care Specialist. They give me the advice regarding my skin problems. Have introduce me their TCA Peel as the most predictable solution which is extremely popular in dermatologist offices all over the world. They also gave me the exact instructions how to use a TCA peel and confidence peeling in general.

I carefuly followed their product instructions step by step. Applying their Fade Bright Lightening Cream 1-2x daily for 2 weeks prior to performing a TCA peel to help reduce the chances of post-inflammatory pigmentation.

After 2 weeks of preparation using Fade Bright I then followed TCA peels peeling process. First wash my face with acidic cleanser.Dry and apply 1-2 layers of TCA peel 13%. Let it dry with air and rinse it well with cool – cold water.

After the TCA peel procedure I don’t neutralize, as the peel will automatically stop when it is done.(I informed about that also). I continue to apply Fade Bright Lightening Cream to help with future pigmentation.

The bottom line TCA peels review I can give is; AMC2 and Platinum Skin Care’s TCA peel is magnificent to say the least. I go from application to completely peeled in about 7 days. Resurfaces my skin nicely with no burning, scarring, or discomfort. Its strong enough to do the job and will keep using this product for quite some time.

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